Smart Documents AI

Smart Documents technology provides new insights by unlocking large amounts of unstructured data through the use of artificial intelligence.


Create better predictions

Smart Documents unlocks the hidden knowledge in your documents and provides you with new insights, facts and connections. You can predict better and it provides earlier insight into anomalies.

Structuring large amounts of document

Smart Documents makes hidden knowledge visible in your large set of documents. It helps your organization to efficiently analyze your documents. By using machine learning, the documents are automatically classified and enriched. Smart Documents provides your new insights and improves decision-making.

Providing new insights

Smart Documents converts your unstructured documents into structured data and makes it available for your business applications and users. It not only saves time and money but also increases your insight into your data.


Document Classification

Structure you data by automatically categorizing and labeling documents using custom sets of document categories.

Named Entity Recognition

Extract named entities from documents such as people, locations or organizations. Discover entities and relationships between them, and get more insight into the content of your documents.

Keyword Extraction

Retrieve significant keywords from documents to quickly get an overview of the information they contain.

Document Segmentation

Segment documents by semantic content to make it easier to find those parts of the text that contain information relevant to you.

Learn more about document segmentation

Document Clustering

Group documents based on their semantic similarity to organize your data in an easy and efficient way, and to easily find similar documents.

Custom Search Functions

Search by date, category, keywords or entities to effortlessly find the documents you are looking for.

Knowledge Graph

With a Knowledge Graph you realize a knowledge base through a virtual data layer on top of your (un) structured data.

Entity linking

With Entity linking a unique identity is assigned to entities (such as persons, locations or companies) that are mentioned in the text.

Summary Generation

Extracting the most important parts of your documents.

Use cases

  • ORI Smart Documents AI

    ORI contains more than 60,000 documents from 137 municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands. These documents are enriched with artificial intelligence, making them more searchable and providing new insights. Potential users of ORI are, for example, journalists or citizens.
  • NDC media groep

    For the sports news recommender of Sport Noord, smartdocuments technology is being used to derive entities and keywords from the news items, to improve the performance of the recommender.
  • Follow the Money

    By recognizing entities such as persons, locations and organizations not only is the website much more searchable, but a database is also built up with relevant background information about these entities.
  • Holland Now

    The Holland Now event site uses keyword extraction to personalize the event overview to its visitors. Another example of Smart Documents technology.